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The Property

We are located in Punta Uva, approximately 7 kilometers south of the vibrant reggae town of Puerto Viejo.  We have 9 acres of gardens, trails, and protected forest within the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, where development is strictly limited.  As a result, we don't have any immediate neighbors, nor do we expect to have any in the foreseeable future. 

The property is somewhat elevated, offering cool and drying breezes on hot days and amazing views over the canopy onto the Caribbean Sea.   Being above and within the canopy, we share the space with an infinite amount of wildlife including many birds, mammals, and insects that one might not otherwise see below the canopy.

We try to be as "green" as possible, always improving at every opportunity.   All houses use solar hot water, we recycle most of our trash, compost our kitchen waste, use gas for the drier, and have recently converted most of the lighting on the property to low use LED lamps.

Our water comes from our own well and rain recuperation.

We try to grow as much food as possible on the property with over 30 varieties of tropical trees and have an extension medicinal and edible herb garden.

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