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Costa Rica is known for it’s colorful bird, the toucan. At Big Tree Wildlife Refuge, you will see 3 kinds of toucans and in very high numbers. These include the keel billed toucan, the chestnut mandibled toucan and various toucanitos, a smaller toucan.

Toucans are distinguished by their large and colorful beak – which they use to break open nuts from trees. They make several different types of loud calls or songs – that you will quickly recognize as the call of the toucan.

Guests are guaranteed to see up to several dozen toucans per day. Most toucans, as well as other birds, are sighted in the early morning and late afternoon hours or anytime after a rainfall.

In addition to the toucans, this is a bird watcher’s paradise, where we promise you won’t be disappointed! Common sightings include a range of hummingbirds, the laughing falcon, nighthawks, cuckoos, owls, vultures, flycatchers and much more.

As a courtesy to our guests, we provide you a set of high powered binoculars and leading wildlife and bird watching books for reference.

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